DON’T Kill that Stupid Mother Fucker

Daryush Valizadeh you are an asshole. Your ideas are ass backwards and you assume that you can assimilate other asshole assailants to your asinine absurdities. No, a desperate late attempt to assuage your outraged Earthians by slapping a satire label on your blog post and cancelling your assemblies does nothing to salvage you’re shitty existence. You are alone in the Universe. You will never again get a job and no woman or man will ever again touch your penis. You have no friends and the entire planet now hates you. Furthermore, you have only added fuel to the rampant flame that is Love and Equality, with Feminism at the forefront of it all. You are on the loosing side of history and in 20 years you will be a laughable speed bump on the fucking super highway of progress.

With all that being said, and with absolute certainty as to how terrible of a person “Roosh” is, he does not deserve to be threatened or faced with physical violence. I hope that people send him mail and tell him online and to his face what a jackass he is and how alone he is. And I hope that we all use this episode as an excuse to push harder for an enlightened society free of all forms of violence. But I also desperately hope that people will not sink to his level and lash out with physicality. This will do nothing to advance righteous movements and in fact, will only serve to degrade the conversation. If this man is injured then he becomes a victim. Do not give him that luxury. Do not give anyone a reason to sympathize with him. He should spend the rest of his days alone in his mother’s basement regretting his misogynistic ramblings. I might even go a step further with my plea. How about letting him assemble his pathetic group of like-minded men in all major cities so that they can no longer hide in the shadows? I want to know who thinks this way so that I can avoid them at all times in the future; so that all employers can turn them away in the future; and so that no person ever has to accidentally indulge them in a romantic or somewhat friendly way. Go ahead, let them write blogs, rally together, put bumper stickers on their mom’s cars – at least that way everyone who actually lives in the 21st century can avoid them like the puss-filled sack of excrement that they really are.

There is nothing masculine about subjugating women. If your identity  is threatened by a liberated and powerful woman or if your self control is tested by a tank top then you are an under-developed, unenlightened and lonely, desperate swamp creature. You do not deserve to be called a man because a real man doesn’t push someone else down to stay afloat. A real man knows that a rising tide raises all ships.

Fuck you in the neck Daryush Validadeh. I hope you live a long, healthy and lonely life in your mom’s basement. I hope that you receive passionate hate mail from thousands of people. I hope that all the major cities you campaigned organize rallies of Love and equality and dedicate them to you. I hope that all good people in this world cease all threats towards you and instead give $20 to their local women’s shelter. Be better than this ass hole (which isn’t hard to do). Violence never justifies further violence. A headline about a pro-rape advocate being murdered simply knocks humanity down more steps. Let’s be better than that. Everybody Love Everybody.

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