A Guy Walks into a Hypersensitive Bar

A guy walks into a bar…

Why a guy? Why not a women? That’s sexist

Ok, a women walks into a bar…

You know, a lot of people have issues with alcoholism. You shouldn’t be so casual about telling bar jokes.

Ok, a women walks into a coffee house…

Is this a fair trade coffee house? You know, there is a lot of abuse in the coffee industry. You shouldn’t support corporations that exploit foreign farmers for our privileged preferences.

Ok, a women walks into a plain room for some reason.

Ya? And what’s funny about that?

She’s of a certain religion that I shall make a political comment on?

Nope. Offensive.

She’s of a certain race that I shall ironically comment on?

Nope. Racist.

She’s of a fringe sexual orientation that I support but shall use as a subject for comedic purposes?

Nope. Predjudice.

Ok, this person is the total average of every human being that ever was or ever will be. He/she does not show any qualities that would bias age, gender, race, ideology, sexual orientation, physical ability or even a generational timeframe.

And… what does this person do?

Maybe He/she…ummm…farts?… That is sometimes funny…right?….pleeeeease!….

What!? So you think that people suffering from G.I. distress are something to be made fun of? You have no right to take that stance. Millions of people suffer from legitimate medical issues that cause them to “have flatulence,” which is the correct term. “Fart” is slang and offensive.

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