I can’t help but wonder why hotel housekeepers knock so softy. It is easy to mimic. Simply take the knuckle on your index finger and tap it softly on a wooden surface. This is the sound I heard at 8am this morning. I had been drifting in and out of an attempted sleep in when it happened. Part of me knew it was housekeeping but another part of me couldn’t register that they would come around so early when this was only the first night of my 2 night booking. I wasn’t able to eek out a protest until a woman was already in my room.

So gives with the weak knock? Are you treading softly as to not wake me? If so, you are assuming I’m in the room and so why knock at all? If it’s quiet I won’t wake up and you’ll barge in on me. If it’s loud, you’ll wake me up in which case I will be angry but potentially less embarrassed as well. Maybe an error in the system indicated an early checkout for the wrong room but in that case you’re assuming I’m not in the room and so why not just bang on the door? What if I wasn’t sleeping? What if I was pre or post shower? What if I was just doing some naked musing or naked anything as I am sometimes wont to do?

The point of all of this is that one cannot alert and avoid disturbance with the same knock. When selecting a future knocking style there is only the binary system of Effective (loud) or Ineffective (knuckle tap).

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