The Fuck It List

Recently, I made myself a bucket list. I don’t think any of the things on it will take me anything close to a lifetime to complete (assuming all goes well…) and so with any luck I will make several revisions as I go. I’ll just list the travel related ones for now because they are appropriate and pertinent.

1. Visit all 7 Continents

2. Climb a multi-day mountain (I’ve done dozens of day hikes upwards of 11,000 ft.)

3. Bungee Jump (done)

4. Sky Dive

5. Scuba Dive

6. Hike the Appalachian or Pacific Crest Trail

7. Hike the major Canadian Trails (Done Bruce, West Coast and part of East Coast)

8. Drive, hitch or bike across Canada

9. Busk around Europe

10. CN Tower Edge Walk


The last one will hopefully be checked off first. I’ll be coming to Toronto in August and would like to bang that one out then. Then by this time next year I will have been to 5 of the 7 Continents (NA,SA, Asia, Australia and Europe), leaving only the really hot and really cold deserts left to see. I’ll also hopefully have checked off #9 from my list. I love this one because it might help minimize the financial load and it gives me something to do while travelling (which I’ve come to realize is very important).

My recent stint of travelling taught me that I’m not much o a beach bum. I can read quite a lot (14 novels in 10 weeks) but otherwise I cannot just sit around and do nothing. This slow realization resulted in what I now consider to be several wasted days in Thailand – but there are worse problems to have. I’ve realized that it isn’t enough to simply see a place, I must also do something memorable. I prefer saying I did “X” in “Y” rather than simply, “Oh, I’ve been to “Y.”

These are my bragging points so far:

Nicaragua: volcano boarding, volcano climb (different volcano)

Panama: Jungle Zip-Line, Jungle Hike, Volcano climb, New Year’s street party

Thailand: Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Naked Fire Limbo, Half Moon Party, Snorkeling w/ Sharks, Cliff Jumping, overnight trip to “The Beach”

Australia: Great Ocean Road, Melbourne night market, Sydney party and I was here when THIS happened, Blue Mountains hiking

New Zealand: Hiking, Bungee Jump, Hitch Hiking, Mordor/Mount Doom


Last night I booked my xmas flights to Colombia. This time I plan to do a 4-5 day Jungle hike to Ciudad Perdida (i.e. “Lost City”). It looks sort of like Colombia’s Machu Picchu only not nearly as expensive or as touristic. Following that trip I would then like to drive the Ring Road in Iceland followed by busking around Europe, all in the summer of 2015.

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One Response to The Fuck It List

  1. Alison Williams says:

    Very impressive list

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