April 7th – PDA is A-O.K. …most of the time

It’s Sunday and I’m in Koala Bear mode so I thought I’d bang out a quickie here. I hit the road tomorrow and I won’t see much of Calgary until April 19th. My journey looks something like this: 1 night Edmonton, back home briefly for a demo in Calgary; 1 night Lethbridge, 2 nights Regina, 1 night Saskatoon, back home for a matter of hours for a race event in Calgary; 1 night in Invermere, brief stop in Kelowna, 3 nights Vancouver (hanging out then Ben Howard!).

Anyway, my subject for today is PDA (public displays of affection). It seems that this is generally frowned upon by polite society but I am whole heartedly for it. I realized recently that I thoroughly enjoy watching people in Love and PDA is the most obvious way to recognize said Love. This doesn’t stem from a creepy, Peeping Tom source – I’m not gathering mental images for later – but rather it is a sincere appreciation for the thing that makes me also enjoy weddings. I was certain that I would hate weddings but I attended my cousin’s last August and it was the greatest thing ever.

The only catch is that sometimes PDA can be very difficult to watch if you have an emotional attachment to one of the parties. I recently witnessed a girl I used to be involved with locking lips with her new male friend. It caused a weird internal dichotomy between being happy and sad at the same time. It feels a bit like swallowing a shot put and then waking up on Christmas morning.

So anyway… PDA – All good in my books but it’s still a little weird sometimes.


In other news, the band gear is well in motion. We recently did our first interview (2 questions and I forgot the 2nd one) and last night we posed for our first fan picture. We played a set at The Blind Beggar and afterwards we got approached by quite a few people I’d never seen before. They enjoyed our tunes and asked to have their picture taken with us. I tend to get super weird for anywhere from 5mins to the rest of the night after a show and so I probably look a little off but thankfully I’ll never see it. We also booked our first out-of-town gig next month. We will be scooting up to Red Deer to play a venue called “The Velvet Olive.” It sounds and looks sexy so I’m looking forward to that.

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