Nov 5th – Ego +1000; Anger +870,000,000

My ego had the potential to be insanely high the other day if I was more narcissistic. Thankfully, I’m awesome and so I don’t have that problem like other people. Nonetheless,  some flattery did come my way.

It started with a fan-made remix of one of my songs. Early on in the recording process for my recent E.P. I was given rough tracks to muse with. Upon request I sent 2 of them to a friend. Ever since then he has been working on a home-made remix of the song “For a Friend.” I have uploaded it on my website for interested ears. While the mix may be a little rough, the fact that another musician connected enough with the song to spend hours contributing his own ideas to it is super flattering.

Shortly after receiving my remixed track I got an e-mail from a photographer that I met at the Running Room. He works for a bunch of fitness magazines and wants me to be a running model for his Banff shoot for Runner’s World Germany. I’m glad my Aryan features and tremendous bone structure (…boney structures) are finally going to be of some appeal. Time to work on my Blue Steel look.

And finally, that same night I got recognized in a random bar. I went with a couple of friends to see a band play. It turned out to be a hard rock/metal bar and I didn’t care for it at all but between acts two girls came up to me and asked “Are you Andrew Douglas?” I had not the slightest clue who they were and so I cautiously answered “Yes…?” It turns out they saw me play at my Koi gig several weeks back and liked the music. I invited them to join us but they seemed oddly timid. Instead, I turned back to my friends, dusted a little imaginary dirt of my shoulders and continued on with the evening.

That high quickly faded when I got sucked into a new hot topic discussion. I have noticed a lot of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) or GE (Genetically Engineered) vs Organic talk lately on Facebook. I was also invited to an “Occupy the Seed” rally. I was aware of the issue but felt I needed to corn-fed-beef up my case. In short, I am ridiculously in favour of modifying crops and farming techniques to increase output of food and I feel that the arguments against this or in favour of solely organic practices are weak and immoral. I will be doing much ranting on food related topics in the future as my  increased commitment to the topic has enhanced my agitation exponentially. As a preface observe the following example.

One criticism of the current system of food production is geared towards corn-fed cattle (not a GMO issue but I’ll get to all of that). In the documentary Food Inc., one of the doomsday messages is that this practice increases the presence of E. Coli in the cow’s gut. There is a tear jerking story about a mother who lost her son to E. Coli poisoning, graphic images are shown and ominous music is played. As sympathetic as I feel for the mother, the truth is that in the United States (the focus of this movie) E.Coli  is responsible for very few deaths. Between 1982-2002 40 deaths were reported (according to the CDC). I have seen other figures reported (3000+ between 2000-2007) but in any case, the annual number remains extremely low. Keep in mind the population of the US is over 300 million!

This is hardly cause for alarm nor is it any justification to switching to a lower yield, more expensive grass-fed cattle system. My main argument against such a system is that there are currently 870,000,000 hungry people in this world. Why would we switch to an allegedly mildly safer system (I remain unconvinced of this notion) to save a few dozen lives when there are almost a buh buh BILLION PEOPLE STARVING TO DEATH! These people need food of any kind simply to survive and a bunch of poorly educated but well fed nut jobs want to deny those in need food by making it less available and more expensive.

This is but the tip of the ice berg. I have much more to say but for now if you get sucked into watching Food Inc. or find yourself nodding along to an episode of Doctor’s or some Jenny McCarthy bullshit with a similar agenda just constantly remind yourself: A billion starving people, A billion starving people, A billion starving people…


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3 Responses to Nov 5th – Ego +1000; Anger +870,000,000

  1. Jeremy Walsh says:

    What a roundhouse kick kind of day

  2. James says:

    I haven’t picked a side in the GMO/GE crops debacle. I read the ‘Green Revolution’ article on wikipedia and have forever been caught in the middle. Massive successes were seen but have leveled off with neither supply nor efficiency seen as potential solutions.

    I’ll admit that removing the current GMO/GE crops would be disastrous, but not that they’re necessarily the solution to the problem at hand.

    • dougyblog says:

      Well said. I’ll have much more to say on the matter in the future. My attack is concentrated on the quasi-religious people who think that a purely Organic system is the way to go because of a poetic presupposition. I have no emotional attachment to any particular system. I just want proposals to be based on evidence rather than ideologies.

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