Sept 23 – Go up the Staircase

A few weeks back a boy came to my door asking for a donation for his school. In return for $40 I would get a copy of the Calgary Herald each day for 12 weeks. I asked him if I could just donate the money and pass on the papers as I never read them. He wasn’t sure how to do that so I just subscribed. Now I have a new step added to my morning routine. I walk outside, open the mail box and carry the newspaper three steps over to the recycling bin and toss it.


Last week I was in Edmonton for several days. I stayed at the military house out by Namao, as I often do on these trips. In the past I have had less than desirable sleeps, mostly due to inordinate amounts of mice poop. This time the infestation had been abated and I was even given a guest room. My step brother has to be on base really early so I went to bed several hours after him. When I did I noticed that there were no blankets on the bed. The window was also stuck in the open position. I attempted to sleep but in the middle of the nights I got very cold so I got up and put on all of my clothes and then assumed the fetal position. The one nice thing about an interrupted sleep is it sprouts lucid dreams. So I got that going for me.

Usually I don’t sync up with my brother when I’m in town. He was around all weekend this time so we decided to go out on Friday. I had an event early the next morning so that night I checked into the Delta downtown to save myself a drive in the morning. We got at it pretty good and some doings occurred. The next morning I found myself with an unexpected roommate. After a beauty continental breakfast I offered to drive her home. Sure enough, she lived up by Namao. Epic fail. Needless to say I was not very punctual in regards to my work thing that morning. After a few hours I got hit by the weird overdrive state that comes from sleep deprivation. I got the big time jitters and worried that if I stopped moving I would die. I texted many people to this effect. My drive home that afternoon was an intense mental exercise. I felt like I could have round house kicked a hole in my van.

That night I had a show at Cafe Koi. I’ve been looking to play there for some time now so I was delighted to finally get the opportunity. Observe the following photos:

Other than being insanely hung over I enjoyed the show.


The next morning I drove out to Banff for a little R and R – by which I mean I hammered for 6 hours up and down Mount Rundle. This particular peak had intimidated me more than the others so I held off on doing it until now. I find that I have basically no fear left anymore and so I was well satisfied to get this one in the bank. I think I could have done it in under 4 hours if I was soloing it. However, I needed to have a little man to man with someone and this seemed like a good arena to do it in.


Tuesday found me back at Koi for a thank you appearance at their open mic. I didn’t stick that one out for too long but I did bomb back from Lethbridge the next night to check out Mikey’s Juke Joint. I’m trying to book a gig there too so I wanted to go play the room. I got there about midnight and everyone was talking like a pirate for some reason. This one was hosted by one of my favourite local artists, Amy Thiessen. Growling pirates gets to be a little much come 2am but other than that it seems like a really cool venue.

The next day I had some stuff in Red Deer. I had a mad case of the giggles all morning. If that ever happens to you this is a good song to listen to.


After a solid week of travel I attended an “Anything But Clothes” party at U of C on the Friday. After work I put on a life jacket and bathing suit and hailed a cab up to campus. The actual pub is in the centre of campus so I had to walk past lots of normies en route. Right before entering I ran into a couple of guys I hiked with in Banff a few weeks back. We slammed a couple of beers in the bush to cut cost. While it is entertaining to be included in the collegiate festivities certain things about this event did not work in my favour. I got the boot shortly after midnight and am no longer welcome back at The Den. I wasn’t too shaken up about it though. I didn’t have a strong desire to return anyway. I did enjoy watching a bunch of second year football players/acting bouncers trying to act tough  though. It only took about 6 of them to escort me and one guy put on black leather boxing gloves while doing so. Well done De Silva. Well done.


Anywho, the next night led to more interesting festivities. As per usual I hosted the local open mic. Lots of musician came out including some of my new fans from the Koi show. I agreed to learn the guitar parts for a very zealous female singer. I don’t usually play Lady Gaga but the way I sell it on stage you could never tell. Afterword a couple of us winded down at The Hose and Hound until they booted us (amiably). I sat outside with my buddy Simon, engaging in intense conversation. I only had a t-shirt on so when I got to the point of hypothermia and went back inside Gravity to collect my earnings that I forgot about earlier. Simon went home so one of the baristas and I went downtown to Broken City for another pint. When they booted us out of there we just went back to my place for a couple more rounds. We talked/listened to music until I was to the point of collapse. I love hanging out with strangers. She recommended the best movie, which I watched today. It’s called Me You and Everyone We Know.


My boss has the work luck when he travels. Last time he came to Calgary he hurt his back sleeping and couldn’t get out of bed for 2 days. When we were in Atlanta last the airline lost his luggage and he was struck down by violent diarrhoea and vomiting. The he went to California and Expedia cancelled his return ticket. This week he was back in Calgary again. He was helping his dad tear up some old carpet. He pricked his finger and contracted the flesh eating disease. He had to get a tetanus shot and mega antibiotics. He beat it to the punch and was back at work on the Sunday. He came to see me for an hour and on his way out of the Golf Town complex he rear ended a guy in his rental car.


And finally…

A very loud, older Greek gentleman came to my door today. He asked for John (my landlord). I told he lived upstairs.

“Oh, how do I get up there?” he asked.

“Right around the corner (pointed) there is a staircase”

“Ya…” He gave me a blank stare. I stared back at him for a moment.

“… Go up the staircase.”

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One Response to Sept 23 – Go up the Staircase

  1. Jeremy Walsh says:

    Oh, is that why they call it UPstairs?

    Glad to hear you didn’t die after your jittery day.

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