Aug 12 – Stepping Over the Line

Song of the Blog: The Fucked Jam – Ween 


The travels continued for me this week. I flew back home to Sarnia, Ontario for some R & R and a wedding. I slept an awful lot, watched hours of the Olympics and had a few adventures.

Almost immediately upon my arrival I went for my first good lake swim in a couple of years. There is more water in Alberta than people might think but it is always frigid. Lake Huron felt like a bathtub in comparison.

On Thursday I concluded my 22nd year on this planet. To celebrate I played a few songs at the Coffee Lodge and then went out for drinks with a mixed bag of old friends. It wasn’t exactly a raging party but I did learn about the impending Megaquake.

I think Friday got away from me a little bit. Including naps I probably slept for 14 hours. I did wake up in time to see the epic men’s 800m final.

On Saturday morning JWalsh and I went to Port Frank’s to run sand dunes but more importantly to get some footage for our Mantracker audition video. I’m not sure our wits were their sharpest in terms of commentary but I think we still got some decent action shots. On the way back I thought it would be a good idea to swim across the cow shit river in my running shoes. Wet shoes make for very hard kicking. The water was pretty thick too. I expect a case of double pink eye shortly. I also blew out my achilles again. Totally worth it though.

That afternoon/evening my cousin got married on the water. There was a diverse crowd present. We definitely could have had a Model UN-Off if we so desired. Due to the foreign nature of the group this also meant that the music was a little outside of my comfort zone. Many of us Canadians had to learn how to salsa dance on the spot and proceed to put our findings into practice until about 3am. I tried earnestly to seduce a lovely half columbian, half austrian girl. She let me kiss her about 100 times on the forehead, cheek, nose and hand while we were down on the beach but ties back home prevented anything further. I walked out to the deck to muse and when I woke up the party had ended. I was just getting ready to go to bed when I learned a small group was going for a late night dip. I got silly for a little while longer and then hitched a ride with Dr. McCurry. I slept at my mom’s house so that I could drive myself to London for my early morning flight. I maybe slept 1.5 hours.

While I was waiting for my luggage I happened to look down and see a blue line that surrounded the luggage belt but about 3 feet back all around. There was a message that told travellers to remain behind the line until their luggage arrived. Before I saw this I was comfortable where I stood. However, immediately after seeing this I felt inclined to take one step inside of the line and then remain there. Was that a free choice? Take that society.

Now that I’m back in Calgary I planned on going to bed at an earlier time to play catch up but apparently tonight is the Rapture so that won’t happen. Right now my house is being bombarded by golf ball sized hail and flashes of lightning.

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One Response to Aug 12 – Stepping Over the Line

  1. Jeremy Walsh says:

    Moist. Society. America!

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