Jan 30 – I Like My Pianist

Something quite odd has happened to me recently. I have oft enjoyed travelling the way of the lone wolf. But a couple weeks ago I met someone that bulldozed the crap out of that idea. And as such, I now find myself in unknown territory. Being someone that is always up for an adventure I find myself both excited and anxious with regards to my new situation.

For anyone who does not yet follow my narrative, I am talking about a girl. I met her through my growing group of artist friends. I watched her perform while I was decently high and demanded that she jam with me. Something happened in that first session and now we do all sorts of activities together. We performed together recently at an open mic and it was very well received. Now we have a show on Friday. I have seen the fate of enough of my favourite musicians to know that this can and probably will conclude in an ugly fashion but I really don’t care (someone quote this for me if I have a slightly less cheerful blog somewhere down the road). It happened to Damien and now he looks like this:

And it happened to Glen and now this:


The most peculiar thing is I no longer put any thought into routine or hobbies… Who needs books when you have good company?

In other news, I recently had my credit limit increased. I had to get some winter tires and that required a purchase greater than my thousand bones limit. It was no big deal but I had good laugh when my advisor asked to make a profile for me. I had to select from a list what my primary financial goal was. There were options such as buy a house, save for retirement, etc. I really don’t have any goals of that magnitude. I still maintain that the last thing I could consider doing is buying a house. I’d say more on this but I’ve been staring at this screen for a while now and The Muse is not necessarily gone…but it is very distracted at this point in time. Sorry readers.


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