Nov 10th – A Michigan Left

Yesterday I planned on seeing the Arkells at the local radio station. They were supposed to be there at 2pm. Historically I have not been good at meeting Deadlines and as such this was another one that I missed. You see, G-Bowes was also in town and so we met up for a workout at Nosehill Park and then I drove him to the airport. At 5pm, when I was returning home, I heard on the radio that the band was late getting into town and were now performing until 6pm. I quickly rushed into the Heart of the City so I could catch them. I had a general Blueprint in my mind, which basically consisted of showing up and befriending the band. On Paper it seemed like a good idea…and it was.

When I arrived I had to Pull some Punches to get into the building. After the red light went off I was allowed to enter the room (note I am still in my running stuff, which consisted of 3/4 tights). Max and Mike were there playing some tunes and answering some Q’s. While some of the other fans were shyly huddled in a corner I very much engaged the fellows whenever they went off air. I didn’t hesitate to drop the commonality we shared with Arkell Street and that got me “in” as it were.

After their segment there was photo opportunities. While everyone else got their little snapshot and then hightailed it out  I decided I would rather just enjoy their company. When asked why I was in Calgary I told them that it was work that brought me out. It turns out they are pretty big Mizuno fans. Max asked for my contact info in case they wanted to get some gear. I quickly rushed out to the Mizunomobile to grab a card and en route called some of my friends, who are (perhaps were) bigger fans than I admittedly am (was). I could not help but brag as “lustily as chanticleer in the morning.” After I gave Max my card I asked if there were any tickets left for the show tonight. He said it should not be an issue but if I had any trouble getting in I could call him and then I took down his contact info.

I went home to shower and change into some real people clothes and to rock a quick jam session, all the while with One Foot Out the Door. I got to the show in time for the warmup act but had little interest in listening to them. I went downstairs to get a beer. I texted Max and told him I got in fine and thanks for the look out. He came down a few minutes later and we got a chance to chat again. I gave him a super awkward pat on the back but I later recovered from it.

The show was outstanding. I was there by myself but must have looked confident enough rocking out for a group of ladies to approach me. After dancing for a while the one girl asked me my name. I asked hers and hoped she would say Abigail. When it turned out to be Suzanne I lost interest. I still hung out with them for the rest of the night but after they got their autographs and pics with the band they wanted to leave. I had no problem letting them go; my Tragic Flaw perhaps. I didn’t care about autographs or pics or anything. I still just wanted to wait around until that crowd cleared out. Mike saw me and said “I didn’t recognize you without your tights.” He and Nick (the bassist) were together in the same spot. Nick was super pumped about Mizuno too and kept talking to me about it. I was thinking, ‘guys we can talk about something else here (it’s not like My Boss is Coming).’ But anyway, it was cool to have that commonality as well. Max has some connections to Sarnia as well so that was another point of conversation when he was done with the cowgirls.

I was hoping to grab some beers but they were all thinking Denny’s. Still a good night nonetheless and I was pumped to actually get to mingle with the band as much as I did. Max even sent me a text the next morning, which I thought was awful nice. Definitely a strange and awesome twist to my evening – a Michigan Left as it were (a right turn and then a U-turn).


check out the radio show here:

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2 Responses to Nov 10th – A Michigan Left

  1. JWalsh says:

    Moderately jealous. No worries. Next time they are in the hammer I’ll go all Agent Zero on them and take them out for Coffee. BFFAEAE

  2. larryabbott says:

    classic blog post .. cleverly written bud

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