Nov 7 – I Live With Vampires

There are a couple things worth mentioning today. First off, I finally sold my truck. This was a long awaited bit of relief. Not to get all preachy, but for me this is a perfect example of how superfluous things can wreak havoc on one’s life. Allow me to explain.

A few months ago I was given the Mizunomobile. This meant that I no longer had to pay insurance (and I already don’t pay for gas). This was very good. But, this also meant that I had a second vehicle to deal with. At first I thought it was no big deal. It simply sat in my parking spot…my second parking spot (hmm). But then the license plate expired. So now even if I wanted to drive it I couldn’t. So now this thing is costing me extra for parking, insurance and of course, like all things, it has to be regulated. Because I travel a lot I was not able to address this later issue immediately. When I finally got the go ahead from my boss to sell my truck I decided to address it. I went to go start the truck but since it had been sitting static for so long (things require maintenance) it was dead. I called CAA to boost me but since the plates were expired they charged me for the typically free service (more $ due to regulations). I was told to wait in my truck for 45mins with it running and then it should work (more time and effort for this thing). After nearly an hour I shut off the engine and then attempted to start it again. Dead. This meant I needed a new battery. The next day I drove to Canadian Tire to get a new one (more time and $). Then came the incident with the homeless folks (see

The truck was finally running but I still couldn’t drive it or sell it. First I had to go get a temporary license so that I could drive it to a garage to get an Out of Province inspection (the worst thing ever!). I bought my temp (more $) and then waited 14 hours in Canadian Tire while I got up to code (are we still keeping track?). I then posted ads online to try and get rid of this thing once and for all. I was sure I found a buyer. They were so sure they wanted it that they told me not to even bother re-registering it under my name and that they’d get their loan early the next week (this never happened). Again, due to travelling I had to leave this project for another 3 weeks. During that time I received only annoying spam mail from fake buyers. When I got back home I figured I would just go register it so that I could drive it if necessary. I got to the DMV (everybody’s favorite place) and was told that the truck had to be registered within 14 days of inspection (it had been 18). FUCK!!!!!! I called Canadian Tire and hoped that they could just re-issue my papers. Nope. The whole thing had to be done again. FUCK!!!!!!!

At this point I was just about ready to put the thing in neutral and push it off a cliff. As a last ditch effort I posted a new ad with a dirt-cheap price and sold it AS IS the next day. I settled for a much lower price than it was worth but you know what that truck was not worth? Any more time, energy or money put in.

This story makes me wonder about the whole property ownership argument. Several people have told me recently that buying a house is a good idea because you are building equity, etc. When you rent that is money down the drain every month. In my opinion this sounds like farting in your own sleeping bag. Not only are you putting money into a mortgage but also repairs, upgrades, and then eventual selling/moving costs and WORST OF ALL you doom yourself to a sedentary existence. Because I rent I can pick up and move at any time. I also don’t have to worry about economic undulations or maintenance.

Another point that I skipped over last week was my marathon. I agreed quite a while ago to pace my friend Dusty in one of his fundraiser runs. He was attempting to run one a day for a week. I figured I could jog at least one of them with him. At 8am on day 3 I showed up with two other gents at a park in Red Deer.

Due to utter disrespect for the distance I started off with no water and no nutrition. The plan was to complete two 21k loops with a little add on at the end. At the halfway point I made a dash for my van. I chugged about 300mL of water that just happened to be in there and then crammed a handful of trail mix in my shorts pocket for second half fuel. Dusty’s watch beeped every 9mins signaling him to take a sip of Gatorade or eat a gel. Every time I heard this sound I would unzip my pocket and take a small helping of raisins/coconut/cashews/dried pineapple/dried banana. This got me through the distance but my body was not happy with me. The longest continuous run I had done in the last 3 months was probably about an hour, with most runs averaging between 30-40mins. This day I ran for nearly 4 hours. The knees were screaming at me. Nonetheless I am so glad that I agreed to and was able to do this and here’s why. Back when I was doing some personal training with a woman aspiring to become a runner I told her why it is I like to stay fit (thinking she might agree). I always want to be physically capable of doing anything that may come my way. I even said, and I quote “If someone asks me to run a marathon with them tomorrow I know that I could. I never want to have to say ‘No I am not physically able to do that.’” I remembered saying this about 25km into the run with Dusty. It made me laugh and feel grateful for holding true to this principal. I am not the most accomplished runner but I am still able to do things like this. Further more, I do my best to maintain general strength and flexibility so that I can do things that are not just running based. I did the 4 corners of Canmore on no specific training (see Whether it’s hiking, climbing, kayaking, swimming, or anything physical that does not require a highly specific skill set I want to be ABLE to do it. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to not be able to say, run for your life. Even simpler, go for a short walk or run. The defeat and apathy that plagues obese people must be horrendous.

I have been working for some time to get a new band together. I think I finally have the first member selected. Though she plays viola and sings I think her main role will be viola. I have a hunch for another female vocalist but it will take some more work on my part. Anyway, I call this project Mallory, after the late, great George Mallory. Here is a song that we recorded last night on a simple voice recorder. It’s pretty raw. You can even hear me giving Naomi directions as we play (You can hear me say “Bridge” which unfortunately sounds like “Bitch” in this recording). Nonetheless here is Star Star**/Home (a Frames cover/original). I just posted it on the Chemical Valley site for now.


Finally, it has come to my attention that I must live with Vampires. I come and go all throughout the day and whenever I do I am always straining to find a parking spot in my parkade. This is, however, until after the sun goes down. Literally anytime about 7pm until who knows when (I’ve come home as late as 2am) there is not a single car down there. I told this to my boss once as I went to open the garage door (the place was full when we left in the morning). He thought I was exaggerating but then the door when up and an empty lot was exposed. I’ve never seen Twilight but are there any sexy female vampires in that movie? Or is it all just douchebags with crazy hair?

That’s actually another point. I am in the worst life stage for meeting people. I am young but also done school. Everyone I meet outside of work could put me in jail or on an alter. Maybe a vampire would be good: Forever young but also mature and she’d be hardcore Paleo.

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