Sept 19th – Day 2 (Camper Bay to Bonilla Point)

This morning I was the last person to leave the campsite. I saw no rush and compared to yesterday I would be getting an early start regardless of when I left that morning. I took some time to enjoy my breakfast and then I watched as a huge fog cloud engulfed my surroundings. I did my now routine yoga exercises on the shore, which helped to relieve my stiffness from yesterday. I then grabbed my bag and continued up the bank and back to the trail.

The first part of this day’s hike was very similar to Day 1. This was until I emerged on the beach. I saw two gentlemen leaning up against a log looking out over the ocean. I joined them for about an hour. It was nice to rest and where we sat was fantastic. The sea was rough and the large veil of mist faded gradually until the sun shone with all its intensity. This allowed for my first viewing of a Grey whale. Out of nowhere a large spout would burst forth from the water and then the creature would arch out of the water for a brief second here and there.

Before I left I shared a smoke and some macaroni with the other guys. When they learned that I only packed dried food they insisted that I get a few mouthfuls of their cooked meal. Most people I talked to found my menu outrageous but I thought it was appropriate for a hike of this duration. It reduced bulk and I did anticipate the burger tent on day 3, which I figured would be the only hot meal I would need. I managed quite well in fact.

The next 5km was all long the shore, which is absolutely amazing. I’m not sure anything beats walking along uninterrupted beach beside the Pacific Ocean. My next campsite I had all to myself and featured a picturesque sunset and waterfall. After watching the sun retreat and hanging my food I lit a fire by my tent and attempted to dry my shoes and socks. The sound of the falls was very rhythmic and put me to sleep in no time.

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