Sept 6th – Sounds of the City

One of the joys of living downtown is the mechanical sounds that reverberate throughout all hours of the day and night. The other night I crawled into bed and listened to the cyclical cry of emergency service sirens. About an hour later I then started hearing the demon growl of my neighbour’s cat right outside my window. That lasted until about 2am when I finally got up and brought it back to it’s rightful home. Then, at about 3am, I heard the buzzer for my door.

(Back story: As with any apartment complex, there is a big board at the from entrance with everyones room number and a button beside it to press to let them know you want in. Unlike with any apartment, mine sounds like what I imagine a baby brontosaurus would sound like…it exists for the sake of this anecdote. Often when people get drunk they either, A) push the wrong button or B) Push all the buttons just to fuck with people).

This time the perpetrator decided to hold the button down. I waited him out but I was not impressed. I then heard the baby Dino call at 6am. This time it was several shorter bursts. This time I figured it was my neighbour who works an early landscaping job and often forgets her key to the building when she goes out to walk her dog. This has happened about 5 times so this time I decided she was going to learn the hard way and i again waited it out. Then, at 6:27am I heard the tone for a third time. I stumbled over to the speaker and answered “What!”

“Is Robin there?”

“Wrong apartment!” (That’s the same neighbour)

6:30am – A Rapping at my door

At this point I’m about ready to kick some teeth in. I storm over to the door and swing it open. Before me stood a rather large police officer. Cautious of my earlier tone I quickly apologized and asked how I could help. He asked me if I knew someone named Chris. I did not. “Oh,” he said. “I thought he lived with Robin?” Ugh. I pointed to the left and shut the door.

Finally, after a whopping 30mins of rest, I heard the familiar sounds of the construction across the back lot. It always starts at exactly 7am and has been going on since the day I moved in (7 months). They are tearing up everything, so you can imagine what digging through concrete sounds like. And my favourite of all the beeping of the big rigs when they have to back up. My modern chanticleer.

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