July 14th – Road Trip

After my race on Sunday I had to meet with one of my colleagues for a few hours. I was pretty beat by the end of it but after an hour nap I decided to blitz it down to Edmonton to see my good buddy Yorke. I had to get some gas and without question a caffeine fix. I had a free Starbucks pass so I attempted to order a coffee with it. The guy said that there was no more Pike left and that I’d have to wait a few minutes. As it was already 6:30pm I really had no patience for that. I pointed to the other brew and requested it. “Oh you don’t want that one” he said.

“Why not?”

“It’s really intense.”

“Oh, okay well how about this juice then?”

“No, you can’t get that with that coupon.”

“Alright well just give me the crazy coffee then.”

“Are you sure?”


He then reluctantly gave me my Gypsy coffee.

I also bought a 5-pound bag of dried mango from the local health food store. I was ready to rock. It was the first time I didn’t take any breaks on that drive. I motored in my new Van all the way to the Sushi restaurant that the Tri folks were eating at. After immediately straying to the washroom I sat down and attempted to slow my heart rate to below 200 bpm.

We slammed some raw fish and then attempted to drink our faces off…but the later proved difficult as it was a Sunday night. We got turned down by the hotel bar, the front desk and the Casino. The last resort turned out to be joining some older ladies from Barbados. They kept hitting on me and I truly could not tell if they were joking… good scotch though.

I was kindly invited to stay at the Sutton hotel with Yorke’s buddy and his lady friend. My bed was insanely comfortable, though I did wake several times due to their naked shenanigans.

The next day I did some work related stuff and suffered a terrible incident which cannot not be spoken of here as I am now attempting to carry a long term lie; something I have never been good at. I then accompanied Yorke to an empty house, but shortly after to the house of Paula Findlay for a delightful dinner.

We then gained a third traveler; a now less sunburnt Joanna Brown, and headed to the West Edmonton mall to check out hundreds of closed stores (now 9:30pm).

I was again fortunate enough to stay at the (can’t think of the adjective I want) Sutton hotel, but with the catch of having to get up at 4:45 am to drop Yorke off at the airport. I spent the remainder of my time between when I got back to the hotel and when I would have to start paying for parking at 9am burning CDs for stage 2 of my road trip – driving to Grande Prairie. It was a 4.5 hour drive but turned it 6 due to a lunch break and a nap on the side of the road.

When I finally did arrive I checked in to my hotel and went for a nice long soak in the hot tub. It was relaxing other than the fact that I was followed by a couple of high school girls who preceded to taunt me for a solid 20 mins. For some reason there was a ping pong table in the pool area. It is ridiculous how much one can flick their hair around while playing table tennis. I suppose it’s not their fault though: I do look pretty awesome in my running shorts.


After attending to some business the following day I then set out for Fort Saint John, B.C. today, which was another 3 hours, after construction, North. On my way I, apparently, passed our Nations most obese city (or so I was told). Maybe someone can check this: Taylor B.C. fit or fat?

As Mizuno only has one store in this city I was able to conclude my business and return to Grande Prairie for a 3rd night. Tomorrow I must complete stage 4 of this road trip: a 7-8 hour drive all the way back to Stampedeville, where I face interesting, morally subjective decisions.


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