June 27th – “If you’re gonna go behind enemy lines, might as well wear their uniform”

I was walking down my usual busking street when I saw another busker, looking rather Jesus like in Facial appearance, but rocking a full, legit, pin-stripped suit. I listened to a song and then asked him about the attire. He said that this was the first time he had done it but that he figured “If you’re gonna go behind enemy lines, might as well wear their uniform.” I gave him a toonie and then walked away thinking that he may in fact have been Jesus.

I took the advice I had received to heart and the next time out on the street I wore a long sleeved collared shirt. I can’t tell if it worked though because I also went to another part of town. I made roughly what I normally make, plus a biker guy gave me a steak dinner – possibly the best steak I have ever eaten. I also played with another busker for the first time. I had a spot that was good for an hour or so but then it just sort of died. Just then another, much older busker came along and so I offered the spot (usual his I guess) to him if he’d play one song with me. We rocked out and I made another buck and then moved on to 10th st. I think I will stick with 8th ave and also try 17th ave. Kensington didn’t seem to work as well because people traffic was lower and actual traffic was much higher. It was also windy as hell (not specific to this location I know) so my case kept blowing away. I’m glad I went for the reason of receiving another great tip though. A woman recommended that I play outside of the folk festival, which I will most certainly do.

On my walk home I prescribed to true Hobo fashion and bought a six-pack on Corona with my earnings.


On the adventure front:

I bought a guide to hiking/running in the Rockies. I now set my sights on trying every route in the book (ranging from 2 – 50 something k). So far all the ones I have done have been aesthetically pleasing and significantly harder than is described in the book.

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