May 28th – Things that are actually two things

Last night I played a gig at a place called Cafe Crema…but also The Tree of Life church. You see the cafe doubles as a place of worship and the people that work there very much embody the principles of the latter setting.

My set itself went well, minus some technical difficulties with my guitar (basically the first three songs were a cappella). However, I was pulled aside afterwards and told that swearing was not acceptable at this place (I opened with the Professor) and that the manager was not happy. It was shortly after this that I realized this place was also a religious institution….whoops. I think some of my cleaner footage will be posted but unfortunately the one that they liked was also the one I feel like I botched.

On the plus side people actually come here to listen to music and they tip very well.


I went to Canmore this morning for a run. I did 40mins with the group and then I followed a tip by one of the runners and went up to the Nordic Centre and did a mountain run called Highline. It was pretty badass. It was very misty this morning so I felt like I was running through a Tolkien setting. Also, most of the trail was still covered in snow. I will definitely be making use of this and the many many other trails around there.

Canmore in general is just an awesome place to be. I seem to be making excuses to get up here more and more. On Thursday, after a work related visit, I went to a place called Communitea and watched a band called the Shoulder Season record a live album. Very inspiration performance.



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