May 17th – Representing


For three days an empty 40 sat in my parking spot. Several times each day I would pull in and think “I should really move that” but sure enough I was too lazy too each time. Finally, I came home one day and found the thing shattered across my space. As I tried to sweep it up with my feet I thought “I really should have fuckin’ moved that thing/Where’s that fucker with one leg?”

Then I left for Atlanta.

…So it turns I’m staying at the fucking White House. Myself and my Mizuno crew pulled up to our hotel and found that there was a big steel gate about 300m out from the building (to keep the common folk out) and then a long driveway leading up to a large, white Hilton hotel. This place is super colonial: Like1800’s style, only without the racism (thus far).

My first meeting of the week was 3.5 hours or so. I tried to play it cool and keep quiet but near the end I was asked to give my opinion on a few things and just went on an unorganized rant. They had to cut me off eventually because it was time for a group run but overall I feel like I made a good impression. Suprisingly, I think they liked my psycho psycology. Basically, through my old cold-calling and retail days I have figured out how to get in people’s heads without them knowing it (but unfortunately this only works with sales, not the lady folk).

After the team run it was basically a drink-your-face-off evening. I wanted to slow play it but my boss encouraged me to get into the festivities. Well, I’m pretty awesome at pool when I’m drunk (ask any of the Guelph guys) so I cranked a few beers and then challenged all of the Americans to try and take me down (winner gets pride, loser gets Sasketchewan). For three straight games I put on a clinic but then I was asked to retire so that other people could play. I told them to practice up and that I’d be back tomorrow and then I came to write this blog.

That is all.

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