April 27 – Edmonton Plague

I don’t know what it is about Edmonton but every time I go there I seem to get sick. I was just getting over my last plague, most likely brought on by the sleazy motel, when this new one (or possibly the same one) came back to kick me in the ass. What made it even worse was that my Boss was with me this time. He flew over for 3 days to visit some key accounts with me and also I think, in part, for a performance review. Right around mid-day, when we were having lunch with one of our store’s manager I took a turn for the worst. It escalated over the next several hours so that I ended up giving my Motivation talk at the Running Room clinic with a raging fever and my first migraine in about 10 years.  I was pretty fucked. I think I used the term “external stimuli” about 100 times in my 20min speech.

When I got back home I decided to actually clean my apartment to try and purge all the potential evil out of it. It was so messy that when I actually had a few guests one night we just sat on the floor in the kitchen.

Other points of interest:

I got in touch with my feminine side the other day. I was asked to attend a Breast Cancer walk event thing. I set up my little Mizuno booth and did foot assessments for all the ladies. At one point a yoga instructor stole the attention of everyone. Rather than just stand at my table I decided to join in. It felt a little strange stretching amongst a bunch of women in pink shirts but it also felt really good! I learned one new back stretch that I really like.

I also outran a train.

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