April 1st – Limitations and The Oneironaut

As Dirty Harry once said “A man’s got to know his limitations.” I will keep this brief but I have discovered that I am unable to make pancakes. It has been a dream of mine for some time but every time I try they turn out something like this:

My Froth of a Pancake


Also, I have resumed my quest to become a better lucid dreamer. Several years ago I got really good at it and after watching Waking life for about the hundredth time I have decided to try and reclaim my past abilities. I did a bit of research and downloaded a couple Theta Binaural Beats. I have since had very messed up dreams every night but have been unable to actually take control of them. I’ll keep trying though: If nothing else they are very soporific. I have always half-joked  that if if people knew what I dreamed about that I would have no friends. Thus, I will not divulge the details but perhaps I will keep you posted on my successes.

I encourage others to try but beware, sleep paralysis may be a side-effect (not really that big of a deal…you just can’t move haha).

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