March 30th – Deus ex Machina (Falling Guitars)

Sometimes I feel like I am in the Truman Show (or the equivalent for my life). I know that people don’t think like me but I’ve also noticed that things that happen to me simply don’t tend to happen to other people. Take this afternoon for instance.


I was getting ready to go rock another stellar presentation at a local running store when I heard a rapping at my door. I opened it to find some shady looking man with a distasteful Goatee. He asked if he could use my back door to get out onto the patio. I saw no issue with this so I let him in and out he went. He said that his buddy threw something off of the balcony and he wanted to get it back. When he started digging through the snow I asked him how long ago this was. “Last year,” he said.


He ended up pulling out an electric guitar. He walked back over to me and asked me if I wanted it. It was really wet and a little rusty but it was a free fucking guitar! Of course I took it. He then asked me if I wanted to jam sometime. He said he had a synthesizer. As a folk musician I am really not trying to capture the magic of the 80’s but I accepted his invitation and told him to come by any time.


In case anybody missed the irony there; A guitar literally fell from the sky and ended up in my hands.





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